Welcome to the CCN-lite Project and Community!

CCN-lite is a lightweight (no bells & whistles), and functionally interoperable implementation of the Content Centric Networking protocol CCNx of XEROX PARC. It is meant for use in class room work, experimental extensions, CCN relays running on resource constraint devices, and for commercial products.

CN-lite features:
  • - tiny code base: core has less than 2.000 LoC, pure C, runs over UDP and raw Ethernet
  • - multiple Platforms: the same code runs in (UNIX) user space, Linux kernel, OMNeT++, Android, Arduino (Uno and AtMega328, 2 KiB RAM), RFduino (32 KiB RAM) and Docker
  • - current platform support includes IntelX86 as well as ARM (Raspberry Pi)
  • - multiple packet formats:ccnb, NDN, CCNx1.0, IoT-TLV, Cisco-TLV
  • - packet fragmentation support (possible native deployment, without any IP layer)
  • - multi-level scheduling support (at chunk level and packet level)
  • - Compile time options: memory debugging, HTTP server, remote configuration, fragmentation, scheduler, HMAC256 signature, etc.
  • - Python client library (rightnow, it only supports the ndn2013 wire format)
  • - comes with the fully permissive ISC license

CCN-lite currently is NOT:
  • - a full replacement of PARC's ccnd or NDN forwarding daemon (the base forwarding daemon is implemented)
  • - optimized for speed yet (data structures mostly rely on linked lists)

CCN-lite is being developed and maintained by the Computer Networks group at the Mathematics and Computer Science Dept of the University of Basel. It is completely free for academic, non-profit as well as profit use.

As CCN-lite is a research effort, the documentation is to be found in various forms, collected in the doc/ directory of source tree and in README files. For the same reason writing documentation is driven by need or demand, so if you wish some aspect of the system better documented or a step-through example for some use case, we'll be happy to document it, just ask. Meanwhile one may use the following links to retrieve existing documentation directly from the source tree or other sources. 
Like it and wish to get involved ?
Should you wish to contribute in either system development efforts, in extending the current code base, or simply helping us with documenting better CCN-lite, we will be thankful. Just contact us at one of the addresses in the respective section further down.  
In the following list of publications/ talks/ posters are related to CCN-Lite project:
Related links
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People and Contact Information
The following people are either currently involved or have been in the past involved in the development of CCN-lite.
  • Christian Tschudin - Principal Coordinator
  • Christopher Scherb
  • Dima Mansour
  • Claudio Marxer
In the past ..
  • Lukas Beck
  • Manolis Sifalakis
  • Massimo Monti
  • Pierre Imai
  • Stefan Braun
  • Thomas Meyer

For any enquiries contact us at: firstname.lastname @ unibas.ch